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“For all of my friends who work in schools or in other capacities with children, Michael Arterberry of Youth Voices Center Inc. conducts the most powerful workshops for teens. They open up and share things that you would have never imagined they would disclose in two short days. They work on identifying things about themselves that they want to change, they learn conflict resolution, work on team building and connecting and respecting peers, and so much more. They cry, they laugh, they talk…it’s really amazing. I saw the most beautiful part of my students at this workshop. Here’s the link if you think you want to bring the Power of Peace to your school. I’m trying to get Mike to do a few workshops at my new school. I recommend this to all high schools!! ~ Michele Wells

Read testimonial from Hudson City, Office of the Superintendent Letter of Recommendation.


Critical to engaging students in learning to the best of their abilities, are highly effective faculty, staff and leadership teams. In order to strive for excellence, schools first must learn how to work together towards common goals before they can encourage, inspire and educate.
Read testimonial from Christina Roberts, Principal of Albany Leadership, Charter High School for Girls.

Below are links to recommendations and testimonials from students, teachers and administrators, vouching for the positive impact created by Power of Peace. Thank you for taking the time to review.

Testimonial by Maria Somers, Guidance Counselor, Port Chester High School

Testimonial by Juan Carlos Sanchez, Guidance Supervisor / IB Coordinator, Port Chester High School

Testimonial by Chyna, Student, Schenectady High School

Student Testimonial by “Beautiful Blake”

Testimonial by Larry Vasquez, Jr., Teen Counselor, The Coachman Family Center

Compilation of Student Testimonials, “Echoes of Peace”

Anne Harrison, ESL Teacher

Testimonial by Joseph Starvaggi, Assistant Principal, New Rochelle High School

Testimonial by Kelly Purdy, Teacher, Ossining High School

Testimonial by Dr. Christina M. Occhiogrossi, Ossining High School

Testimonial by Joshua Mandel, Principal, Ossining High School

Testimonial by Marie Iarossi, Teacher, Ossining High School

Testimonial by Irene Unger, English Department, Ossining High School

Testimonial by John P. Fink, Dean of Students, Ossining High School

Testimonial by Zorayda Saldana, School Counselor, Peekskill High School

Testimonial by Rosemary E. Fera, Northeast Parent & Child Society

Testimonial by Marcia Fallon, Sussex County Technical School